Basile Cuvelier
Designer and Art Director

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Regus is the 'Uber' of office booking. In a matter of second you can book an office from more than 3000 locations in the world. Scrap the usual B2B comms style, make a bold and memorable campaign.

Concept, illustrations and art direction



25 Frames is a celebration of 25 years of Film and Video Umbrella – the UK’s leading commissioner of cutting edge film and video art. It features a programme of 25 screenings and special events in which stand-out pieces from the organisation’s past are re-staged.

Design, visual identity



With more than 200.000 employees spread over 140 countries in a world of cultural differences – how do you create one global Season’s Greetings? Simple. Make a delightful animated alphabet and let people write their own message, perfect for their client and their culture.

Concept, design, art direction


Campaign and visual identity for AHAE's exhibition at Le Louvres in Paris.



SkillsBelgium promotes manual and technical vocations by organizing competitions. Run annually these competitions aim to encourage young people to excel in their vocational skill. The campaign was promoted through posters, brochures, radio, TV and merchandising.

Design, illustrations, art direction.


For my MA final year project I created a piece of work as impactful as possible, but completely meaningless: a huge and violent promotion of a project that doesn’t exist.

I hand-painted every wall of the school’s cafeteria. It suggests a fear of emptiness, silence or death and a profound desire to exist without knowing what to say.

Concept, design, wall painting.


Basile Cuvelier

+44 (0)7725 896 990



Venturethree | Senior Designer Feb. 2015 — Present
BD Network | Designer Oct. 2014 — Jan. 2015
Freelance Designer | Apr. 2014 — Oct. 2014
Mori Inc. Tokyo | Creative Oct. 2013 — Apr. 2014
The Partners | Designer Nov. 2010 — Oct. 2013